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Natural Disinfectant

Ozone is considered a replacement for chemicals (i.e., chlorine) in the antimicrobial sanitization of water, food and food processing surfaces and equipment. Ozone can clean and sanitize both products and direct product contact surfaces continually. When effectively used ozone can keep a location clean and sanitized for less money than current cleaning methods.

Why Ozone Clean Industries?


Leader in Ozone Technology.​


Ozone is a very efficient broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent that is active against bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, and bacterial and fungal spores, by attacking various cell membrane, wall- and cell constituents.  Ozone destroys a bacteria cell, leaving only oxygen, which effectively deodorizes and sanitizes. This on contact process destroys bacteria, dangerous microorganisms, fungi, allergens, and other odor causing agents.  After approximately ~30 minutes, the ozone reverts back into tap water, which can be disposed of down drains without negatively impacting the water systems or water table.


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