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Ozone Technology!


We believe cleaning should be safe, sustainable and efficient. Our products and services provide high quality solutions that promote health and safety and a commitment to reduce chemical use.

What is Ozone?


Ozone is a powerful natural sanitizer, disinfectant and oxidizer which is created by using ordinary tap water.


This powerful oxidant, has many commercial and industrial applications. 

Ozone in Nature

Ozone is naturally formed when oxygen is exposed to sunlight or exposed to high voltages of electricity. This natural ozone phenomenon is why there is a fresh, clean smell and the ground appears extra clean, particularly following after a thunderstorm, which signifies freshly generated ozone in the atmosphere.

Ozone Technology


Ozone generators artificially “manufacture” man-made ozone. It creates O3 in much the same way as the sun does. The generator chamber is filled with oxygen (or dried air) which then passes between electrodes (corona discharge method) under a nominal applied voltage and converts some of the oxygen into ozone.

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